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Free Money

Free Money™

Who doesn't want free money? People flock to Power Ball, and hunted down their stimulus checks over a year ago.

News flash! The government is holding $200 billion for people, and businesses like yours right now.

After changing the dormancy laws, all creditors who can't find you, or your business, all dormant bank accounts, business accounts, 401k's, IRA's, tax sale credits, foreclosure credits, refunds, escrow refunds, receivables, vendor refunds, and credit balances are now sent to a government holding account for safekeeping.

The government is under no obligation to notify the public that they've got your money. The only notification you'll ever get regarding your held funds is from an asset recovery firm like JAR. Whatever the public doesn't claim, you forfeit to the government.

Your parents died and what happened to their 401k? It's there. House sold in a sherrif sale, foreclosure, business refund, escrow refund, vendor refunds, death benefits, premium refunds, receivables, brokerage account after parent died? It's there.

Died without a will, overseas money, secret individual accounts, hidden real estate? It's all there.

Every single U.S adult has thousands being held either directly in their name, or indirectly through your business, family, or as an heir from family who passed away.

And major corporations have tens of millions being held, with a select few, a jaw dropping one hundred million dollars.

You've heard of people who inherited millions from some dead relative they didn't know existed. That's exactly what we do.

Our service finds hundreds of millions daily being held for the public by the government. We track down and notify people having $50,000+ in federal money jail.

Don't ask how is it possible, or is this for real? You should be asking where is my money, and how do I get it?

Full transparency, we are a righteous company, so God is our source, not our fees. It is he that has given us the power to find your money.

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