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Found Your Money

Found Your Money™

We've found your money. Now help us find you.

If you've had a bank foreclosure, a tax foreclosure, or a sheriff sale, or owned a vacant lot that you've stopped paying the taxes, your property was sold to pay the arrears.

Good news, once the arrears were paid, the rest of the money belongs to the former owner which means you. And we have found your money.

Listed here is a tiny fraction of hundreds of millions we find daily for foreclosure victims, sheriff sale victims, businesses, estates, and heirs we have not been able to reach.

The government is under no obligation to notify the public that they've got your money. In fact, the largest cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Philadelphia hide it from public view. The only notification you'll ever get regarding your held funds is from an asset recovery firm like JAR. Whatever the public doesn't claim, you forfeit to the government.

In most states, the former owner, or heirs has up to a year to come forward before the funds are seized by the state.

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You can also choose our all inclusive full service option. 

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